Our Story

“Having a wine cellar is perhaps one of the most civilized amenities in world, and building these spaces is not only my profession, but my absolute passion and joy.” Don Cochran – Creator and Founder of Cellarium® Wine Cellars

Cellarium (from the Latin “cella,”) a storeroom in a medieval monastery or castle. Located under the building for the keeping of food, ale and wines.

Working with homeowners, builders, interior designers and architects across the country, we at CELLARIUM believe in a collaborative approach to the projects in which we are invited to participate. Whether rustic, old world, traditional or transitional, CELLARIUM wine racking brings a logical harmony and balance to the architecture of the home it lies within, offering a variety of wood species and finishes. As form follows function, we also provide technical support to all trades involved, insuring the correct room preparation and recommending the appropriate refrigeration system.

Not unlike the French word, terroir, which means “the ecosystem in which the grapes are grown… soil, climate and topography, imparting the unique characteristic of the wine’s flavor,” we too at CELLARIUM are influenced by our environment. Our studio and shop, located in the Pennsylvania Dutch countryside, allows us to tap into that rich tradition of honesty, devotion to craftsmanship and an adherence to a value-driven work ethic, creating functional works of art. Trust and integrity, an inherited part of our culture, delivered to your wine cellar project.

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