Our Story

“Having a wine cellar is perhaps one of the most civilized amenities in world, and building these spaces is not only my profession, but my absolute passion and joy.”

Don Cochran – Creator and Founder of Cellarium® Wine Cellars

Cellarium – From the latin cella “pantry, a storehouse located in the underside of the buildings or the root cellar, where supplies of food, ale and wines were stored.’  Subterranean cellars were once the only source of natural refrigeration, and this is where Cochran’s modern day wine cellars literally take root.  Cellarium ® Wine Cellars draw inspiration from those original turn of the century wine cellars, where they discovered a vintage racking system worthy of modern day design. While installing a wine cellar for a client, Cochran was offered the original vintage wine racking system from the home owner. Cochran, who has a great love of period antiques and historic homes, jumped at the offer and quickly realizing the old design was quite ingenious. The vintage rack, which came from the basement of Manhattan restaurant during the 1920’s, was quite useful during Prohibition. The racks featured a horizontal and open concept, which allowed easy visibility and a range of options for storing and displaying various sizes of bottles. Cochran was able to marry this vintage rack design with modern day elements, which has become the signature hallmark of Cellarium® Wine Cellars. Cellarium® racks are integrated with custom cabinetry to create a unique wine cellar reflective of a client’s distinct home, explains Cochran. “Essentially, we are providing the environment for the display of liquid art. We are serving collectors and curators. Cellarium racking is designed for the homeowners who regard the racking as important as the wine itself, racking worthy of their collection and home.” Wine cellars have evolved and Cellarium® is proud of the custom designs that his team has created for clients throughout the east coast and nationwide. In today’s homes, not all wine racking solutions are subterranean, thus Cellarium® offers racking and refrigeration customization for kitchens, entertainment rooms and small spaces as well. Link to Our Story in Chester County Life Magazine.