The Ultimate Shopping List of Cheeses for Wine Lovers A guide to the best cheeses for a wine tasting party


Wine and cheese pairing is serious business in Wine Country. Over the 15 years that I’ve lived in Sonoma County, I’ve probably consumed my weight in cheese while sipping on a glass of wine at home, at work or at other winery tasting rooms. The wine and cheese pairing “research” we’ve undertook with our chef and associate winemaker at Jordan Winery—both for finding the best cheeses for pairing with cabernet sauvignon and determining which cheeses pair with chardonnay—has helped us fine-tune our list of cheeses for serving at a wine tasting. We’ve pulled together our wine and cheese tasting notes from several years to create the ultimate shopping list of cheeses for wine lovers with recommendations on where to buy each gourmet cheese online. These are some of the best cheeses to bring to a party, especially a wine tasting where Jordan Cabernet Sauvignon is being served.  Read More…..